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Harvest Home Dairy and Harvest Moon Farm are operated by Robert and Angela Klingenfus.  We are located in Oldham County, Kentucky, and have been in operation since 1972.  In the late 60's Robert and his brother, Eddie, began farming together and formed a small dairy.  They had accumulated enough stock to begin their own operations in the early 70's.  While farming separately to this day, they share major pieces of equipment and labor occasionally.

Harvest Home dairy currently owns and/or leases approximately 1100 acres of farm land.  We milk on average about 140 cows with an equal number of replacement heifers coming into the herd.  Angela monitors the production, breeding and health of all the animals.  New born calves are with their mothers for three days, after which time they are moved to an adjoining barn built specifically for their care.  The babies are cared for individually in their own separate beds.  After about 6 weeks, the babies no longer need milk and are developed enough to move into group pens with about 6 other calves.  This allows them to socialize as a herd group.  They stay in these groups together for another 3 months further developing.  At about 4 months of age, several groups are combined together and they go outside to forage on grass and continue their development.  When they reach an age of 15 months, they typically weigh about 850 pounds and are ready to be bred and become mothers.  Gestation is 9 months, so ideally they will enter the milking herd at 24 months of age.  At this time, they will rejoin their real mothers, grandmothers, older sisters, and other members of their cow families.  Their babies will start and continue the same development process until they enter the herd.  When the calf is born, care is taken that it receives protective colostrum from its mother, several vaccinations, an antiseptic navel dip, numerical identification, and their own personal name.  Our cows have a nutritionist that checks and balances their diet monthly.  Our veterinarian checks each cow monthly until she becomes pregnant with her next calf.  We try our best to keep our cows well fed, healthy, and content;  they reward us for their good care with extra milk.  Our cows each produce a little over 8 gallons of milk daily.

We have a licensed and inspected milk processing plant, and manufactures artisan cheese. Only a small portion of our premium Grade A milk goes to make cheese. Cheese is the only milk product we currently sell.



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