Making Cheese

All Harvest Moon Farm & Dairy farm fresh cheeses are made directly from pasteurized milk produced by our dairy cows.  Our Natural cheeses come in a variety of flavors for our customers.

To our highest quality pasteurized milk, cultures and rennet are added which coagulate the milk.  After the milk has coagulated, it is cut and the curds and whey are separated to prepare the milk for fermentation.  The type of culture added and temperature it ferments at determines the types of cheese made.

When the fermentation is finished, we can add salt and flavoring ingredients to produce the type of cheese we want to make.  Cheese molds are filled and more whey is pressed from the cheese in the molds.  After removal of the cheese from the molds, it is placed into a special cool aging room for aging.  When the cheese has properly aged it is cut into small, retail pieces.  All our natural cheeses are produced using the same basic steps.  If you are lactose intolerant, you can normally consume most of our natural cheeses because most of the lactose is gone through our natural cheese making process.


We can provide gift boxes and baskets of cheese for your friends and family.  Let us show you how to put together a selection of the best tasting, dairy fresh cheese available.  Try it & you'll come back for more!!



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