About Our Cheese

Don't you just love that cheese you have on your hamburger?  Do you love to sit down with a block of fresh cheese and enjoy it on your favorite crackers?  Do you wonder just how that cheese was made and wouldn't you like to see the process for yourself?  Come out to Harvest Moon Farm & Dairy and we'll fill you in on everything you want to know about the "art" of cheese making.

Our home made cheese is "Natural Cheese" and not a processed cheese product.  "Natural" refers to the cheese making process in which cheese is made directly from our milk by coagulating or curdling the milk, stirring and heating the curd, then draining the whey and collecting or pressing the curd.

Natural cheeses come in different types such as:  
  • Soft / Fresh, unripened & ripened
  • Semi-soft, ripened
  • firm / hard, ripened
  • Very hard / grating, ripened
  • Pasta filata
  • Reduced fat
  • Cooking / no-melt
Soft / fresh cheeses are typically packed in crocks or tubs.  The other cheeses come in wheels, blocks, and/or loafs.  Softer cheeses can also come crumbled, while harder cheeses can arrive pre-grated.  Semi-soft, firm and pasta filata varieties are often available in shredded form.



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